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Singapore Podcast Editor Works
Singapore Podcast Editor Works

Singapore Podcast Editor Works

So you’re planning to make a podcast. As a Singapore Podcast Editor Works, you go to your computer, record a whole show, but you sit there realizing that you’re not entirely sure about how to go through the editing process. So you think, “Hey, i can do this, it’s just as simple as cutting out bits and pieces of audio right?”. Next thing you know you’ve been looking up audio editing tutorial videos on Youtube for hours and you still don’t know where to start.

Don’t worry, this is a common scenario for most new, and even seasoned, podcasters. Audio editing is the most tedious part of making a podcast. You spend a lot of time listening to yourself over and over again, cutting and deleting things you don’t like about your recording, and adding things like jingles and stingers. It’s time-consuming, annoying, and boring, but you have to do it to give your final output a polished and professional finish.

If you don’t want to go through the tedious task of editing your own podcast recording, consider getting the help of a professional podcast engineer. Someone who can edit and clean your podcast for you, giving you more time to concentrate on the more important things.

Here are five more reasons why:

Pareto Principle 80/20 rule

Have you ever come across with the 80/20 rule? This states that 80% of what we achieve is the direct result of 20% of the actions we take. It basically says that a few of the things we do in a day gives us the biggest results, so you’re aiming to make the most of that 20%.

List all the things you need to do to make a great podcast and making it successful. You’ll discover that if you spend a little bit of time and energy on creating better content, you’ll get much better results. Once you get better content, you can get more people to listen to your podcast and even get companies to give you sponsorships and commissions.

You need to figure out what is better for you, and actually spend more time on that.

Focus on the important stuff

Instead of spending 5 to 6 hours of editing work a week on an episode or going through those Youtube audio editing tutorial for hours, you can be doing more important things like writing a script or looking for someone interesting to interview for your podcast. Your time is worth more than editing, so don’t waste it on something that you’re not so familiar with.

Sure, you get to save when you edit your work yourself, but is the time you spend on it really worth it?

Never sacrifice quality

Other than having a great content, what can make or break a good podcast is its sound quality. No one wants to listen to a podcast that has a lot of unnecessary noise, low vocal volumes, annoying sound effects that are too loud, basically something that sounds like it was just made half-assed (not that I’m insulting your editing skills, but you get the picture). Again, never sacrifice the quality of the product you’ll be uploading because it could turn off possible regular listeners. Besides, bad audio is going to defeat your purpose. How can anyone hear what you’re trying to say if they can’t understand you.

Bring out the best in you

Audio engineers know a lot of tricks that can make any audio, whether it be vocal or musical, sound flawless. A good engineer will know how to make your vocals sound crystal clear, making your podcast really easy to listen to.

If you have stingers, plugs, or music that you want to add to the show, they can do it for you as well. After a professional works on your audio, your podcast is going to sound like one interesting ear candy.

Growth mindset

For you to grow, you not only need to spend more time on the content of your podcast, but the quality as well. Think of it as an investment. Invest more on the content of your podcast by allocating more time for it, and just hire a podcast engineer to turn your visions into reality and give you a good quality audio that’s upload worthy. You’ll also have more time on your hands to work on marketing your podcast to gain a bigger audience, as well as attract possible sponsors.

To sum it all up, you not only get to save time when hiring a podcast engineer to do your editing and be able to concentrate on the more important things, you also get a better quality product and attract more people in the long run. Hire a podcast engineer today!

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